Pen & Ink is a community of women writers seeking to create more spaces for women and young women where they can interact, engage and express themselves using both print and digital media.

The Pen & Ink team aims to make these spaces and platforms accessible so women and young women can share their perspective and speak out on pressing issues – from their personal lives to more political ones that affect their choices, decisions and communities.

Pen & ink is dedicated to working with women’s groups and women advocates to help mainstream women’s views, opinions, ideas, actions and efforts in the Philippines and across the globe.


  1. Feminist education and advocacy
  2. Implement and support programs that foster a sense of civic awareness, particularly in areas that touch ecology, culture, sexual and reproductive health and rights, youth leadership and social innovation
  3. Participate in grassroots initiatives and lobbying efforts that support women’s rights

For Inquiries, email: fpiwomen@gmail.com


The filipinapenandink.com is the culmination of this coming together and a platform where women can write and discuss any topic which can fall under the following categories:

  • Politics
  • Personal experiences
  • Culture & Arts
  • Success stories of women

Women create a large impact in this world, but we need more spaces where women can be heard, where their thoughts are recognized, and most importantly where women can write and inspire other women.

Join our growing community. Read our guidelines here.


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