Submission of Articles

1. Choose 2 categories to write on:

a. (1) Politics* (1) Personal experience

b. (1) Politics (1) Stories that inspire (Personality profile)

c. (1) Politics (1) Culture

d. (1) Short story / Literary work (1) Culture

e. (1) Politics (1) Short story / Literary work

*Politics – Opinion article or piece

2. Attach the article complete with photos of the article (w/ proper placement) for screening

Address it to:

Ingrid Shannah C. Calapit


Pen & Ink

3. Articles should not exceed 800 words and should be written in English

Send it to :

Membership Rules and Guidelines

1. Applicant must be Filipina, 16 years old and above

2. New Members should agree to adhere to certain tasks:

  • Attend meet –ups on scheduled dates and get to know fellow writers
  • Attend Pen & Ink activities, events, training & workshops

3. Responsible, critical, and believe that women’s voice and camaraderie is important

Submit resume and cover letter to :

Read how Pen & Ink started. Click here.

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